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Talent is Way Over Rated (or over emphasized)!

Updated: Jan 7

I truly believe, after working and teaching for 35 years as an artist, that MOST people I meet have the ability to produce quality art. The question should never be, does little Johnny have the TALENT to be a great artist? The question should be, does little Johnny have the ability to focus on working hard in one direction until he achieves his goal?

All People are Creative in One Way or Another

Most people use creative skills every day in their home, school or work life. Most people have to think through a process and then carry it out the steps while making thousands of decisions about the details to bring about a desired conclusion. Most people are driven by a desired outcome and can become very creative when faced with obstacles that stand between them and their desired result. You may ask, what does this have to do with being an artist? Well, it actually has everything to do with being an artist. An artist is someone who may or may not see all of the finished details in their mind before they start but they are diffidently a person who follows a process to it's completion in order to achieve a desired outcome of a great piece of art.

Passion Plus Process Equals Profit

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