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Winter Creek Painting

Winter Creek Canvas Painting copy.jpg

Winter Creek is an original oil painting on a

20" X 36" gallery wrapped 2" deep canvas.

It was blocked in using a pallet knife and finished with Krel's color weaving technique where he uses long thin liner brushes to painstakingly weave the textures and lines of the multitudes of branches, bushes and foliage down each side of the snowy creek.


This color weaving concept began when Krel spent time exploring through the forests around his home sketching and photographing the effects of thousands of bare trees in the winter.


Krel began to experiment with drawing these scenes and then painting them and teaching his students to paint them during his art classes.

Krel works for days painting layers of thin lines to create the illusion of thousands of branches overlapping much like weaving a basket.   

Winter Creek right side.jpg
Winter Creek left side.jpg