Winter Reflections Painting

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Painting Winter reflections.jpg

Winter Reflections is a 36" X 48" original 2" deep gallery wrapped canvas oil painting. Krel began this painting in February of 2020 and completed it on January 7th of 2021. The inspiration for this painting came when Krel explored the effects of the mirror-like

reflections on a cold winter creek.


The soft background colors were

blocked in with a pallet knife and then finished with Krel's liner brush color weaving technique to create the

textures of the natural elements. The

trees and details were then painted

with thin liner brushes that allow Krel

to capture every little branch of the

trees, bushes and foliage in the snowy landscape.

Below left is a detailed

section of the painting.

On the right is the process

that Krel uses to continue

the image on the sides of

the canvas to create a

dimensional look when

viewed on the wall.

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