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Krel Buckelew 

Krel Buckelew began as an elementary student working hard to learn and to develop his skills as an artist. Krel grew up in a school that did not have formal art classes so he spent most of his time pouring over art books by Norman Rockwell and any other artists work that he could study as well as producing art, murals, and signs for anyone who called on him. As a junior in high school, Krel got his first job as a commercial artist and spent the next twenty years making his living as an illustrator and graphic designer for the screenprinting, offset printing, and sign industries during a time when art was produced by hand instead of computer generated. In 2004, Krel made the transition from commercial art to fine art when he opened his art gallery and frame shop. Through out his career, Krel has also taught art and painted landscapes. Now Krel paints landscapes full time and travels with his wife Kathy to where ever inspiration takes them. You can keep up with and collect Krel's work here on his website and by connecting to Krel's social media channels. If you have questions or would like to contact Krel, please use the contact page to reach Krel's studio or call us at 256-507-1109.

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