ThanksLiving Bible Study

ThanksLiving Booklet Cover Art

ThanksLiving is about being grateful to God everyday of our lives for everything that He has done and is doing for us, around us and in us. I believe that having a grateful heart towards God is truly the key to deep and lasting joy. Good times and bad times, ups and downs, can come and go in everyone's life. If we let ourselves get caught on the roller-coaster of emotions we can begin to base our self-worth and attitude upon what ever circumstance we are experiencing at the time. This is not the definition of pleasure to me.

Being able to stop for a moment each day and thank God for all that He has done for us, both successes and failures, because we can learn from them both, is a start. Recognizing that many people have come and gone who have given their lives so that we could be able to live in the freedom that we have now, is important. Learning to appreciate those people that are in our lives today and express our love to them is a powerful path to our joy. Most of all, coming to appreciate and accept what Jesus accomplished for every one of us on the cross is the door to not only a joyful life here on earth but the doorway to an eternal life in heaven with God. It is in this attitude of thanksliving that we realize that God is pouring His mercy and grace into our lives every new day and that our spiritual lives is like a waterfall that overflows with God's unconditional and eternal love.       

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