About artist Krel Buckelew
Krel Buckelew is an artist who grew up in a time, place, and family where creating and building with your hands was encouraged and applauded. His abilities and passion to take simple materials and develop them into useful, beautiful works of art became not only his career choice but his lifestyle.

Krel began as a teenager in school to produce artwork and signs for anybody, anywhere that he was called. This lead to a productive career of producing illustration and design work throughout the United States as well as internationally.

In 2004, Krel put down his graphic design tools and picked up his painting brushes full time to produce the work that he feels like he was created to do.

Today, Krel and his wife, Kathy, love to travel and explore new places where they capture these places, wildlife and people with photos and sketches that will then become reference for Krel's paintings back in his studio.

These paintings are then finished in our frame shop and ready for hanging in our customers space.